Some Common Title Issues:

  • Errors in public records
  • Unknown liens
  • Illegal deeds
  • Missing errors
  • Forgeries
  • Boundary/survey disputes
  • Undiscovered will
  • False impersonation of previous owner

Why Title Insurance?

Every home has a history. During the purchasing stage and beyond, there’s the potential for undetected problems with your property. Unpaid dues, forgery or mistakes in the examining records can result in staggering financial costs – even the loss of your home.

We’re here to help

The caring experts at Vista Title can help you with acquiring title insurance. We’ll conduct an initial title search to help resolve issues before your invest in your new property, and help set up an owner’s policy to further protect your and your family from unforeseen problems.

First American Title

Vista Title is a proud agent for First American Title Company of Louisiana. For more information regarding the available options for insurance, please click here.


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